Sunday, 29 April 2007

What the heck is the name of this blog?

Here is an image of a quartuncia, taken from the Byzantine Coin Store.

One of the major problems I faced for setting up this blog was choosing a name. I decided to go with obscure. Now I am curious to see when, if ever, I get readers. I have added a sitemeter to help me find out.

I had thought that the blog header gave sufficient clues as to how I chose the name. Perhaps not: family members were just puzzled. If anyone actually ever reads this blog and thinks they know what my blog name is alluding to, please put a comment to this post to give your best guess.

Thanks in cautious anticipation -- Chris ("Duo Quartuncia")


  1. Is it kinda like 2 cents?


  2. Exactly right! This is where I put in my two cents, on whatever tickles my fancy. Some people put in two bob, but I'm not aiming that high.

    You're quicker off the mark than my family. Thanks also for checking that commenting works on this blog, and being the first person to to leave me a comment!

  3. You seem to be adding your 0.02 (cents) in, which, like the quartuncia, only exist in a moment in time. Here's hoping your thoughts say around longer than a couple years though, Sylas. They're good ones!

  4. extra note: oh, someone beat me to it. Ah well. Enjoy the new blog! *nods*

  5. Sylas, I'm happy to see you've started a blog! You are either the ultimate or penultimate poster on TWeb judged by the criteria of intelligence and grace (your competition being NeilUnreal).

    Your *duo Quartuncia* is worth more than many denarii of the vast majority of posters.

    ---'s Peace,

    Roger (the cryptic rogero from TWeb)

  6. Thanks for dropping in, storico, Roger.

    I do enjoy the Theology Web forum, and have been very impressed with how they have made me welcome and a part of the group. The variety of contributors is dramatic... and I agree that NeilUnreal stands out as quite exceptional.