Monday, 30 April 2007

"Darwin is dead" is dead

Last year I had a look through the "Darwin is Dead" blog carnival.

It was rather a mess. The first carnival was in February 2006; and evolutionists all over the blogsphere had a lot of fun picking through the five entries to hold up selected choice bits of nonsense for special ridicule.

The second carnival was in April. It was rather surreal. There were seven entries. Three were actually parodies by evolutionists. Two were articles from the websites of AiG, and ICR. Only two were from genuine creationist blogs.

There have been two more carnivals since then. The carnival organizer appeared to have bowed to the inevitable, and accepted a couple of entries from serious evolutionary bloggers. As before, the number of creationist entries remained small; and most of those continued be ordinary articles from professional creationist websites, plus one or two actual creationist bloggers.

I came across it again just now while surfing, and must report… "Darwin is Dead" is dead. The carnival only ran the four times. May it rest in peace. (Guffaw)


  1. Hello all you Pharyngula visitors. Woah. A link from PZ makes a difference to the hit rate!

  2. Hellooo. Isn't that "rest in pieces"?