Monday, 18 June 2007

Mike Argento scoops everyone on ID Pleasurian Philosophy

The immediately preceding post gives the background as to why ID Pleasurian philosophy is getting so much attention right now. So far, the following blogs have taken William Dembski's suggestion that we check out the ICON-RIDS blog: Stranger Fruit, Pandas Thumb, Afarensis, Duae Quartunciae, 忘却からの帰還 (Japanese), Clever Beyond Measure, Thinking for Free, Pharyngula, Amused Muse, Red State Rabble, Scientia Natura, paralepsis, paralepsis.

But it turns out we are all more than a year late. We were scooped on this story by Mike Argento, in April 2006, with Talk about strange bedfellows.... Mike has picked up all the essential details of this story, and his account is the usual rollicking fun filled ride.

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  1. Hi Duae,

    love the blog, not sure if your photoshop skills are up to much, if so join in the fun (carnage?)

    if not just enjoy the show, my favourite so far God using microsoft Word to create the earth.

    Keep up the excellent blogging